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Below you will find links to valuable resources:


Wake County Special Education PTA

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Sample Test Information

Download Powerpoint from Reading Workshop

Wrightslaw "10 Strategies to Fight Mandatory Retention & Other Damaging Policies"

NEW: Draft for Family Involvement

Click here to download the policy draft


Wake County Public School System Academically Gifted Program Information

National Association for Gifted Children

North Carolina Association for Gifted and Talented

NC Department of Public Instruction Exceptional Children Division

IES National Center for Education Statistics


Math Resources:

Cool Math Website

AAA Math Website

Mathematics Web Resources

Interactive Math Games and Puzzles Homework help

Algebra Resource Center



National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Math Trailblazers

ENC Math and Science Resources

Mathematically Sane

Texas Instruments NC Math Exam Prep


Elementary Math Homework Spot

Math Forum

Math Cats Math Websites for Children - Mobile Math Resources - Multiplication Games -

Count On

Larson Learning

Ask for Kids

Reading Resources

Starfall ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra: ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra: Algebra: ACT Math: ACT COMPASS Math: Advanced Geometry: All 120 Subjects:



Make the Grade (**Information taken from the Wake County Public School's Website)

EOC Resource Center

Need extra help in studying for EOC's?
Help is here for Grade 6, 7, and 8 Mathematics, Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II!
Download the specific file that you need and practice away! If you run into problems, feel free to e-mail specific questions to write_link('Math Help','mathhelp',0) Math Help  at any time.


EOC Review Questions

The Success Series

Grade 6 Math (817 KB Acrobat File) Algebra I Lessons
NEW Grade 7 Math (781 KB Acrobat File) Algebra II Lessons
NEW Grade 8 Math (752 KB Acrobat File) Geometry Lessons
  Algebra I (471 KB Acrobat File)  
  Algebra II (263 KB Acrobat File)  
  Geometry (409 KB Acrobat File)  
Note: Acrobat Documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or Higher to view. You can get Acrobat Reader (for Windows, Macintosh, Unix) free from Adobe.
You can watch the following segments by clicking on each link (you may need to download the free QuickTime Player from Apple):

Make the Grade Archives

February, 28 Viewing

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(larger size viewing screen)
QuickTime Movie for use with dial up connections
(smaller size viewing screen)
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Additional Resources  NEW

Article: How America Is Failing Millions of High-Achieving Students from Lower-Income Families

Rubrics and Evaluation Resources



Teaching Time Curriculum Online

Ed Helper

Discovery Education Clip Art Gallery


Learn NC



HW & Student, Teacher/Parent Reference Resrouce

resources for parents and educators to teach reading
current research based findings on teaching reading
Many stories to read with your children.
Great games to play, for all students K-5
Software for early reading programs such as reader rabbit, curious George learns phonics
Fun games to play for basic reading skills
Site with an abundance of resources for English
Site with a huge amount of reading resources
Spelling help, word usage, links to other sites, and much more
Site of links with great practice, games, info on early reading
Site of links with great practice, games, info on early reading
Site of links with great practice, games, info on early reading
Site of links with great practice, games, info on early reading

NEW Connections (K-8)
These brochures provide overviews of the Wake County Public School System's instructional programs for grades kindergarten through eight. The brochures are designed to help parents better understand of the major topics covered in each grade. Parents are encouraged to use this information to help choose books, other materials and activities to support their children's studies.
The free Acrobat Reader 5.0 or high is needed to access the following documents.

Elementary Connections (K-5)

Kindergarten 184 KB Acrobat File
Grade 1 175 KB Acrobat File
Grade 2 176 KB Acrobat File
Grade 3 167 KB Acrobat File
Grade 4 168 KB Acrobat File
Grade 5 126 KB Acrobat File
To download Connections documents--Right Click on the title of the document--select "Save Target As..."--Select your save location and click Save

Middle School Connections(6-8)

Grade 6 363 KB Acrobat File
Grade 7 366 KB Acrobat File
Grade 8
366 KB Acrobat File
To download Connections documents--Right Click on the title of the document